Welcome to Oak Hills High School
Projected 2010-2011 Enrollment: 2100-2401
Constructed: 2009
School Colors: Red & White
School Mascot: Bulldog

As a Freshman I wish I had known.....

Expected School Wide Learning Results
OHHS at a Glance
From the moment a person turns onto Cataba Road from Ranchero Road in Oak Hills, you know you have entered a very special place. Oak Hills High School spans eighty five acres, fifteen less than Disneyland, that is why we affectionately reference ourselves as the “Second Happiest Place On Earth”!

Our campus is new, as we opened this school year! But the new buildings, computer labs, sports fields, gym, multi-purpose room, and library doesn’t make our school, our students and staff do! There is a clear culture of integrity, community, and excellence. High expectations abound with a rich and challenging instructional program and a supportive environment in which all students can find success. You see evidence of this success in students' work, in the interactions between staff and students and in the everyday operations of the school.

The staff at Oak Hills High School includes 5 administrators, 4 counselors, 64 teachers, 40 full-time classified and 33 part-time classified employees.

At Oak Hills High School our administrative team works hard with the staff to make sure our students are being provided the best education possible. Safety is our number one concern, and we try very hard to create a campus that is not tolerant of students who aren’t here to learn but instead are here to cause disruption. We pride ourselves on having an open door policy where students feel comfortable talking to administration and counseling about safety concerns. Though academics are our main focus, we believe that students perform better academically if they feel safe and enjoy coming to school. Our campus has over 25 very successful athletic teams, an award winning cheer leading squad, award winning ROTC, Band and Drama programs, and over 50 clubs!

Our mission at Oak Hills High School is to support all students in becoming life long learners, guided by integrity, connected to our community and focused on academic excellence!

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